Moving houses: you’ve probably done it before, and you’ll probably do it again. In general, most people dislike moving for one reason: it’s expensive. Between the cost of packing, shipping, and purchasing a new house (or finding a new rental), the idea of paying your Realtor an extra 5% commission is overwhelming.

In the world of cutting costs, many people think that avoiding a Realtor is a creative way to save thousands of dollars. In some cases, they aren’t wrong; people do successfully sell their home on their own every once in awhile. However, more often than not, sellers either cancel their listing or settle for a price that is much lower than the price of working with a Realtor. Here are five reasons why you should avoid FSBO (For Sale by Owner) and list with a Realtor.

Your Realtor Will Organize All The Small Tasks

Do you have the time or inclination to stage your home, set up inspections, manage phone calls from would-be buyers, set up showings, organize open houses, vet applications, and handle mounds of legal paperwork? Most sellers don’t have the time or energy to manage these essential steps, which is why you need to hire someone to outsource these tasks to. Selling a home is very time consuming, and if you aren’t available at all times, it can be hard to get it off the market.

Your Realtor Will Price Your Home Correctly

In today’s market, pricing your property at market value is the most efficient way to sell your home in a short period. Not only does an accurate list price impact your number of online views, but it affects who is looking at your property as well.

If you price your home above fair market value, there is a small chance that someone will buy it and set a new value in your market. However, the most likely scenario is that agents will not show your house, consumers shopping online will miss it because it’s out of their price range, and your property will expire because the consumer will choose another listing priced lower. Of course, on the other hand, you could price your home under fair market value, which would leave you with much less money than you originally wanted.

According to a 2015 NAR study, “sellers who work with a local Realtor made 13% more on their sale than if they worked alone.” One of the main reasons why there is a 13% gap is because Realtors know exactly how much your home is worth, which makes up for their commission by a mile! 

Your Realtor Will Professionally Market Your Home

A great Realtor will market your home aggressively, maximizing the listing potential with professional-quality photography, compelling descriptions, and targeted Facebook ads. Your agent also has access to hundreds of real estate sites (like San Diego MLS) to maximize your online listing potential. In 2015, over 93% of home buyers found their property online, so you cannot underestimate the value of a tried-and-true online listing strategy.

In addition to your online strategy, many agents implement print and open house strategies to attract locals to your property. The more eyes that see your home, the higher your chance to sell.

Your Realtor Will Objectively Negotiate on Your Behalf

As a homeowner, it can be difficult to take a step back and objectively negotiate with buyers. When you work with a Realtor, the fear of overstepping boundaries or negotiating to a fault is diminished. No one wants to play the villain, especially during a real estate transaction. In the end, your Realtor will get you MORE money for your home by negotiating intelligently and objectively.

Your Realtor Will Handle All the Paperwork

Although there is a lot of paperwork associated with buying a home in any state, East Chula Vista (and California as a whole) has one of the heaviest paper loads out there! An experienced agent in East Chula Vista has dealt with the same contracts and legal paperwork time and time again, which means there is much less of a chance for surprise or confusion.


As a seller, one of the best decisions you can make is hiring an experienced, local Realtor. Not only will an agent lighten your load, but they’ll also get you more money!

If you’ve considered selling your home on your own in 2017, give  Castellon Residential 10 minutes for an interview. We will get you more money for your home and make your transition smooth and easy!